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Don’t call me basic!

You fight hard to meet the needs of your clients. They are the lifeblood of your business. While
you are in the trenches, let us help conquer your books.


Business is blooming!

Growing pains are part of the deal. Don’t let these pinch points stunt your growth! Let us give you the additional accounting support you need.


You’ve made your name, now stake your claim!

Delivering quality day in and day out is what got you where you are. Spend even more time honing your craft by letting us do more of the heavy lifting. 


Maintain your

“A Game “!

The best leaders know what needs to be done and who needs to do it. Delegate our dedicated team to handle all of your current financial responsibilities and be the trusted sidekick you need to meet your vision of success.




Extra Services

-1099 & W2 Filings (for any not processed through a payroll system) ‐ $55 base + $7 per form

‐ QuickBooks Consulting ‐ $150 per hour

           o Consulting Package ‐ $300 for a 2-hour session, includes 2 follow up calls and video recordings from our session

‐ Support Packages

50% deposit required

          o Silver Support includes inquiry and support response within 12 hours of contact ‐ $50 monthly

          o Platinum Support includes inquiry and support response within 6 hours of contact ‐ $100 monthly

‐ Income Tax Prep (Bookkeeping clients receive $75 off their final tax prep invoice)

o Individual, not married, no children ‐ $100

o Individual with education credit, children, married and/or with itemized deductions ‐ $250

o Earned Income Credit qualified ‐ $200

o 1040 plus schedule C (self employed, contractor, single member LLC) ‐ $300

o 1120S (S‐corp taxes) – starts at $950

o 1065 – starts at $950

o 990X or 990 – starts at $1000

*If you need less support we also offer DIY packages with support. Find out more here!

Our Promise!

Finances are at the core of every business. It is necessary to keep them healthy and strong so that small problems now don’t become big disasters later. Let us take the worry out of your small business accounting so you can breathe easier. We have the experience needed to handle every aspect of your business’ finances. Our regular and open communication with you ensures real-time resolutions and growth opportunities. With custom business accounting packages to fit every stage of your financial journey, we are your perfect sidekick.

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