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Start Fresh Tax Program

Taxes are a big part of being a working individual or as part of any growing business. It can be overwhelming, discouraging, complicated and even embarrassing to get your past year taxes updated. You cannot apply for loans, financial assistnace or file your current taxes without filing the ones you missed, unless of course you want a big red flag for an audit. Sidekick Accounting Services is dedicated to helping you and/or your business be successful and in order for that to happen you need to be right as a business owner. This year we will be offering a special program for individuals, sole proprietors and single member LLCs to get caught up on their past due tax returns. This program is specially designed to help you get caught up without breaking the bank.

In order to qualify for this special program, you will need to attend our class Shoebox to Bookkeeping Success which will provide you with the tools you will need to get your taxes prepared and also continue to monitor the financial side of your business which is crucial for business success.


  • Individuals will be required to submit prepared tax information (1099s, W2s, Income/Expense compilation, complete questionnaire) for each year of tax preparation

  • Completion of class Shoebox to Bookkeeping Success - $20 (Various dates/times available)

  • Half payment upon start & 2nd half due at tax form signing/completion

    • Tax Preparation for up to 3 years - $750 (add $50 for each additional year)

  • Deep breaths because you're almost caught up and ready to start fresh

Getting your taxes caught up doesn’t have to be hard. Let us do the heavy lifting

so you can sit back and relax! 

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Finances are at the core of every business. It is necessary to keep them healthy and strong so that small problems now don’t become big disasters later. Let us take the worry out of your small business accounting so you can breathe easier. We have the experience needed to handle every aspect of your business’ finances. Our regular and open communication with you ensures real-time resolutions and growth opportunities. With custom business accounting packages to fit every stage of your financial journey, we are your perfect sidekick

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